Building a Soul Tribe

Updated: Mar 18

In 2017, I was introduced to tarot reading for the first time by my good friend, Kia Perkinson, who was on her own spiritual journey at that time. She challenged me to evolve spiritually, to grow, and to ascend to a higher level of understanding.

This personal ascension took place over a period of years, as I began to realize a shift in my spiritual perception and self-awareness.

It was at this point that I also began subconsciously building a soul tribe—a like-minded group of individuals who resonated with my being, as well as having a shared desire to awaken spiritually and to vibrate on a higher frequency.

I’m grateful for my soul tribe—my niece, Jakyra Staples, friend, Symone Watkins, cousin Kameelah Williams, and spiritual advisor, Kia Perkinson—and I appreciate them all for being such a strong support system for me during my spiritual journey.

Kia has a Youtube channel dedicated to her Tarot readings and other spiritual gifts, subscribe and check her out!

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